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Refer a Friend Program

Last Updated: Monday, 11th April 2022

It's 2% for you. $1 for a friend...
when you refer someone to c-Invest Service! You'll get $0.10 as soon as your referral creates an account and gets verified and 2% from your referral is first deposit.

Give a little, get a lot! Earn 2% for you and every single friend or family member that you bring to c-Invest Service. Use your personalized referral link to spread the word about c-Invest Service in your online social circles and earn all the way up to $100!

You and your friend can earn more!

Manage your referrals in c-Invest Service

Use the dedicated c-Invest Service “Refer a Friend Program” section to track your current and past referral progress while you promote and share c-Invest Service pages with your friends. In c-Invest Service, you can:

  • Get your unique Referral URL
  • See how much you’ve earned so far
  • Check your referral history
  • Track the status of pending referrals
If you have any suggestions about this referral system, please contact us.